The Neumann & Co. Wasserzähler Glaubitz GmbH became in 1999 by Mr. Dipl. - ing. Werner Neumann founded.
Our company headquarters are in Glaubitz, near to Riesa.

The company group acts in the following areas:

Production of accessories to the read-out and measuring data transmission of house water meters and flat water meters:
- Impulse modules,
- M-Bus modules,
- Impulse-M-Bus converter,
- Wireless data transfer systems on LoRa base,
- Gateways.

Development, project engineering, and production of the test benches as well as the complete equipment for test laboratories.
This category includes also devices for the realization of the check on site.

Production of house water meters and flat water meters as well as special water meters (prepayment meter).

Development of new devices within the scope of the called subjects.

Customer support / trainings to the sure operation of the delivered equipment.

... denn Innovation ist erst der Anfang

NEUMANN & Co. Wasserzähler Glaubitz GmbH