Winter-suited camper Supertramp42
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Ranges of application:

Trip activities regardless of the season.

Free camping with good comfort possible because of special equipment.
Technical designations:

base vehicle: Citro├źn Jumper heavy with 150 PS and 125 l diesel tank

unloaded weight: 3 t

useful load: 500 kg

all-weather tyres

diesel heating

special heating and against frost protection equipment on the base of heating textiles

boiler: 10 l

outside connections for cold / hot water, power supply (12 / 220 V) and gas

furniture and equipment individually planable, interior fitting-out by
Reisemobilbau Knobloch

special equipment of the boot (e.g., shelf for fishing-rods, optionally for hunting
weapons as well as keeping place for 5 l - drink packs)

mini generator with 25 A charging current as a emergency energy source

extra strong insulation with X-trem Isolator

bathroom with heated shower tub like under-floor heating or dryer for
shoes, outdoor clothes, towels

mushroom ventilator to the better ventilation of the bathroom
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Heating system
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