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NEUMANN & Co. Firmengruppe

Complex metal constructions
Small iron parts
The Neumann & Co. Ltd is a company with the focus of metal construction and light steel
construction - in particular in small and medium serial production. The range of products
include: small iron parts, profile frames, but also complex steel structures and specific
industrial machines are designed and built according to individual customer wishes. We
respond in coordination with our cooperation partners such as electroplating, powder
coating and laser processing easily and quickly for our customers.
Neumann & Co. Firmengruppe
Industriestr. A7  |  D-01612 Glaubitz
Telefon: + 49(0)35 265 - 64 94 0
GF: Dipl.-Ing. Werner Neumann
E-mail: info@neumann-glaubitz.de
Telefax: + 49(0)35 265 - 64 94 64
Internet: www.neumann-glaubitz.de