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The stand for cleaning of water meters and heat exchangers
Ranges of application:

Cleaning of water meters Dn15-Dn25 (Qn1,5-Qn2,5) with alkaline
washing solution at repair and regeneration.

Cleaning of heat exchangers with alkaline
washing solution at repair and regeneration.
Device description:

steel frame with components and flushing line 

adapter for fastening of water meter or heat exchanger 

electrical start control 

pneumatic clamp for water meters

tank with washing solution

pump system

reliable design

small weight apprx. 120 kg

high efficiency

simple handling


time of cleaning and washing is adjustable
Principle of functioning:

Cleaning is carried out by means of the alkaline cleaning solution
warmed to 60 °C with supply of the compressed air and the
subsequent washing with flowing water.