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Neumann & Co. Firmengruppe
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GF: Dipl.-Ing. Werner Neumann
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Internet: www.neumann-glaubitz.de
Polymerization heating tunnel for carbon fiber
transmission shafts and pipes
Ranges of application:

polymerization of carbon fiber transmission shafts and pipes
Device description:

steel frame

rotation drive

built-in heating elements

intellectual electronic control

power supply via built-in transformers 24/230V

working temperatures up to 160 °C

time of heating is adjustable in the range of 1 min. - 23 hours 59 min.

rotation time (without heating) is adjustable between 0 and 23 hours 59 min.

the state alarm system by means of alarm lighting

indication of the rest of time on the display

Our equipment is projected and built according to requirements of the customer.