Cargo PBS platform

Completely screwable, pre-manufactured modular ki from rational quantity
production, hot-galvanized (except side walls).
Usable for vehicles of the class of performance 7,5 - 12 t of permitted total mass.


inexpensive production of the body basis, also for vans, in the modular

all steel components made of high quality fine grain steels, hot-galvanized

4 standard lengths with a width of 2.480 mm available from stock

no cutting

all parts on stock

integrated lashing eyes in the front stanchions

no disturbing screw heads at the rear portall

lowering costs by very short assembly time compared with conventional

handover of the DEKRA quality evidence about load safety

no more adjustments or finishing

no additional corrosion protection

deliverable with preparation for assembly of a tail lift

available with galvanized cover frame
Least order amount: 5 pieces
... denn Innovation ist erst der Anfang
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