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NEUMANN & Co. Firmengruppe

Neumann & Co. Firmengruppe
Industriestr. A7  |  D-01612 Glaubitz
Telefon: + 49(0)35 265 - 64 94 0
GF: Dipl.-Ing. Werner Neumann
E-mail: info@neumann-glaubitz.de
Telefax: + 49(0)35 265 - 64 94 64
Internet: www.neumann-glaubitz.de
Ranges of application:

read-out of measurement devices

water meters, gas meters, electrycity meters and other impulse
Device description:

suitable to connect an existing impulse-counter to the M-Bus network

receives impulses of the counter, converts it into a M-Bus
protocol, which is transfered to the M-Bus network

no counter device change needed 

exact data transfer

compact design

robust construction



long life cycle
Impulse-M-Bus-converter connected to the Impulse- Watermeter