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GF: Dipl.-Ing. Werner Neumann
E-mail: info@neumann-glaubitz.de
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Internet: www.neumann-glaubitz.de
Ranges of application:

Heating module for the avoidance of icicle buildup in gutters.

Device description:

The heating module from a matted, waterproof coated heating grid,
in both long sides provide with outwardly controlled connection
contacts. Thereby a trouble-free lengthening of the heating is

By means of premounted fixtures in the module it is hung up in the
gutter and is fixed.

The heating module is so conceived that the rope's water originating
from sunlight certainly drips off and forms no icicles.

easy installation by premounted fixture,

additional installation possibly, because no changes
of existing gutter construction must be carried out,

adaptable to the respective gutter length individually ,

Heating works only in the low voltage area (12/24 volts),
thereby no danger of electric shocks.
Technical designations:
Dimension of the module LxB
204 x 13 cm
80 x 14 cm
Dimension of the heating grid LxB
200 x 8 cm
75 x 10 cm
24 V
12 V
Current intensity
1,74 A
1,2 A
Power of the module
42 W
15 W
Power per qm
261 W / qm
202 W / qm
Heating module DRH-24-200
Heating module DRH-12-800
Heating elements for gutters