Counter data collector
Distant announcement of the added up consumption
Ranges of application:

apartment and business houses

remote announcement of added up
consumption of water, gas, stream, and other

remote read-out as a single device

remote read-out via BUS

remote read-out via modem

data processing and management in the PC

compact construction

easy service

remote read-out at any place in absence of the tenants
or consumption read-out at presence

linkable up over BUS - structure
topical consumption any time readable, no subjective
mistakes in the data transmission

read-out is free of subjective manipulation by the consumer

no travel expenses to read-out
Technical designations:

life span of the device                                          approx. 12 years (2 Standardisation periods)

operation period with a battery sentence           6 years

number of the possible impulse givers               8

connected lines per impulse giver                      2

possible impulse givers                                        REED - Contact and others

used batteries                                                       Alkaline primary cell type AA changeable

number of the batteries                                        3

nominal capacity of the used batteries               > 2,4 Ah (at high resistance unloading)

display                                                                    LCD  8x7-segment display

case protective degree                                        IP 65

case mass (approx.).                                           approx. 150 mm x 130 mm x 40 mm

working temperature of the device                     0 °C… 50 °C

camp temperature                                                -10 °C… 50 °C
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Functional pattern of the collector in
the remote read-out system
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Counter data collector Distant announcement of the added up consumption