Complex metal constructions, industrial mashines and systems
Areas of application:

automobile sector (f.e., special car bodies)

industrial metal constructions, racks

GRP/CRP - area, processing of Prepreg


complex individual superstructures etc.
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NEUMANN & Co. Firmengruppe

Neumann & Co. Firmengruppe
Industriestr. A7  |  D-01612 Glaubitz
Telefon: + 49(0)35 265 - 64 94 0
GF: Dipl.-Ing. Werner Neumann
Telefax: + 49(0)35 265 - 64 94 64
Our offered services:

co-operation at project engineering

co-operation at selection of material

complete manufacturing

Mounting of the units


when required also electric installation

high treatment quality

high processing speed, high flexibility

favorable prices