The Neumann & Co. Company group exists from:

1. Neumann & Co. GmbH
- Foundation year 1995
2. Neumann & Co. Wasserzähler Glaubitz GmbH
- Foundation year 1999
3. WZG-Technik GmbH
- Foundation year 2010

The company group acts in the following areas:

Activity focus water meters and accesories:
- selling of customary house water metres and flat water metres (multi-jet dry-rotor and single-jet)
- development, production and selling of new measuring technology for the remote read-out and measuring
  data transmission
- development, production and sellingof new measuring instruments into the volume evaluation and check of the
   installed water meters

Activity focus: research and developing:
- research and developing achievements for innovative and lasting technical products,
  in particular in the area of the water and heat supply, as well as for accessories for these products
- Production and distribution more innovatively technical products for the support of environment-friendly technologies
- Consulting services relating to the above topics

Activity focus steel construction:
- different metal constructions acc. to customer requests
- services for foreign companies in small and middle series

Activity focus heating textiles:
- development and production of textile based heating elements for specific areas of application
- development and production of electricity supply systems and monitoring systems for the heating elements

... denn Innovation ist erst der Anfang
NEUMANN & Co. Firmengruppe

Neumann & Co. Firmengruppe
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GF: Dipl.-Ing. Werner Neumann
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